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Recently, some card issuers and financial institutions have noticed increased attempts by fraudsters to hack the CVV/CVC codes on compromised debit cards to commit ATM fraud.
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Switch Kit

Welcome to customer service the way you expect, and deserve. Welcome to GCF Bank! We know changing banks can be a difficult process. Let us help you over the bumps and through the hurdles. In just five easy steps, we can make this transition smooth and painless. These simple forms can be completed online. Just print them out and take or mail to the appropriate places for a seamless conversion to GCF Bank.

ONE - Open your account with us

  • Learn about our choices.
  • Our CyberSaver, CyberSaver Supreme, CyberSaver Gold and CyberCDARS can be opened online.
  • Complete this application form and bring it into your local office along with your initial deposit. We need to do this in person to comply with the USA Patriot Act. Don't forget to bring identification such as your driver's license or passport as well. We'll need this to fulfill the requirements of this Act. 

TWO - Stop using your prior account

  • Stop writing checks, making payments and using the ATM/Debit Card attached to your prior account.
  • Leave sufficient funds to cover outstanding items and fees.
  • Print out payee screens from online bill pay to use when setting up your new account with us.

THREE - Change direct deposits

  • Complete this form and send to companies that directly deposit to your account. These may include:
    • Payroll
    • Government or pension payments - Here's the contact information to reach the right department.
    • Dividends or annuity payments

FOUR - Transfer automatic payments

  • Use this form to alert companies that automatically debit your account to use your new GCF Bank account instead. These can include insurance premiums, utility payments, recurring loan payments, monthly membership dues and any other debit charges.

FIVE - Close your prior account

  • Make sure all outstanding checks and debits have cleared.
  • Confirm all of your automated direct deposits, payments and withdrawals are switched to GCF.
  • Send this form to your former bank to have account closed.

DONE!! Don't forget you'll need to register separately for GCF Online Banker. If you ever have a question about our account terms and polices, you can find them on our web site at anytime.