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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Edition #709

Today's Highlights:

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April 16, 2013 Edition #708

April 9, 2013 Edition #707

April 2, 2013 Edition #706

March 26, 2013 Edition #705

Weekly Spotlight:

A flourishing community develops through a partnership between business and the neighborhood it serves. GCF recognizes its responsibility and continually strives to support local endeavors. Visit the places where we work and play.

Our Current Rates:

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Today's National Market Rates
April 23, 2013 6 Mo Ago
1 Yr Ago
5 Yrs Ago
Dow Jones Industrial Average
(Up 1,332.10 or 9.95% since 12/31/12)
14,719.46 (+1.05%) 13,345.89 12,927.17 12,720.23
S&P 500
(Up 152.59 or 10.70% since 12/31/12)
1,578.78 (+1.04%) 1,433.82 1,366.94 1,375.94
(Up 249.82 or 8.27% since 12/31/12)
3,269.33 (+1.11%) 3,016.96 2,970.45 2,376.94
10 Year Treasury Bond Yield 1.70% 1.80% 1.93% 3.72%
British Sterling 1.5339 1.6002 1.6119 1.9909
Euro 1.3002 1.3021 1.3202 1.5856

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1st Flash

GCF To Become Investors Bank

GCF Bank is proud to announce that we will become part of the Investors Bank family. Pending regulatory approval, the merger will take place in Fall 2013. You can read the official press release announcement on the Investors Bank website. With this merger comes access to a wider variety of resources than were possible for an institution of our size.

Our name will change, but the quality of service you have come to expect will not. Our products will expand and mission will evolve.

You'll see these changes slowly phased in over the coming months as it takes time to fully institute a conversion of this magnitude.

Rest assured nothing will change with your accounts during the transition. Once complete, you'll find new options and terms tailored for most every need, both personal and commercial.

Not only will you have more account type choices, but a broad range of investment products and services will be available to you through Investors Financial Group.

Enhancements won't be restricted to brick and mortar branches. Investors strives to improve the communities in which it maintains a presence.

Who is Investors Bank? They've been serving the needs of New Jersey and New York residents since 1926. They now have over $12.7 billion in assets and over 100 retail branches.

They strive to provide the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of their customers. Their mission is to operate responsibly and ethically so that their customers, clients, employees, stockholders and communities may prosper.

They share the same vision and conservative principles that has made GCF successful for over 100 years. To provide world class customer service in an honest and straight forward manner and to give back to the communities that sustain them.

With Investors Bank, community service is more than just writing a check. Their commitment to community involvement and good corporate citizenship is a fundamental part of their corporate culture.

Don't take our word for it - most of what is written here is available on their website. Their website includes photo galleries of community activities they've participated in and a list of social and cultural organizations sponsored by Investors Foundation. You can also follow their participation in community events on their Facebook page.

They believe that helping the community is not just something to do during business hours - that becoming personally involved in civic and social affairs is the very essence of the word community. They strongly encourage volunteerism among their employees and offer a wide range of community-support programs.

Why Investors Bank? It was an easy choice. They hold the same values and principles we've espoused for over 100 years. Our customers deserve the best. And that's what we think Investors Bank will give them.

We will keep you informed on developments over the coming months.

On The World Wide Web

The spirit echoed through the recent Boston Marathon bombing is no different than what we experienced after September 11th and remembered in the editorial we published in 2012. The only difference is that the election is over. But the politics still haven't changed. Read it here.

Major League Baseball and its players have pledged over $600,000 to help pay medical expenses for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Like all tragedies, fundraising scams already abound. If you want to help, do it safely at

How do you find a charity you can trust? Point your browser here for independent ratings you can rely on. Don't miss their great Top Ten lists.

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2nd Flash

How the Internet Caught A Bomber

And how it created terror.

It's been eight days since our country suffered a terrorist attack at the conclusion of the Boston Marathon. The media was quick to start pointing fingers; each blaming Islamic jihadists, white supremacists or homegrown terrorists according to their bias well before information began to unfold.

Was it the work of a lone wolf or organized terror group? Nobody yet knew for certain.

Meanwhile, the wheels of justice were already turning. Rather than a TV camera and microphone, they relied on a different source. They used the Internet.

Speculation as to how long it would take to catch those responsible ranged from days to years. After all, it took five years to capture Eric Rudolph who was convicted of the July 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park bombing.

The FBI had no suspects in this case until three more similar type bombs were detonated that provided further clues. Eric Rudolph was named as the suspect in October 1998, yet remained on the run for five years until his May 2003 arrest and ultimate conviction.

The difference? The Internet.

Crowds estimated at 500,000 gather annually to cheer on the nearly 27,000 runners who compete in this traditional race. Most come armed with a camera to capture images of the world's oldest annual marathon.

Images that would prove useful in capturing the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Authorities asked for any and every picture or video taken of the event. Their plea was broadcast over every form of media available; from television to radio to newsprint to the Internet.

A concerted effort by the FBI Boston's Joint Terrorism Task Force, composed of more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, poured through thousands of leads and tips to pursue one eyewitness account they received on the scene.

You may remember initial footage of a man in a cowboy hat holding a bloodied victim's fermuroral artery as he was rushed from the scene in a wheelchair. Both of the victim's legs had to be amputated.

Jeff Bauman awoke from a drug-induced stupor in the hospital and signaled to his brother to bring him paper and a pen. He wrote "bag, saw the guy, looked right at me". His description helped law enforcement zero in on suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

From there, it didn't take long to learn when and where the explosive backpacks were planted. And distribute photos of the young men who did so.

They weren't immediately identified. A Moroccan teenager and his friend were first mistakenly thought to be responsible. The mistake could have proven costly as the young man received countless death threats. What if someone would have acted rather than merely threaten?

Word quickly spread across the Internet through social networking sites. Send whatever images and information you may have, no matter how small you may consider it. Do you recognize these men? What can you tell us about them?

Once identified, it didn't take much more than a visit to their Facebook pages and YouTube channel to learn these two brothers were not only capable but also motivated to commit a crime of this proportion.

Tracking their online activity has provided a web of information for prosecutors. Including an online version of Inspire magazine, an English language website Al Qaeda uses to radicalize and recruit Westerners where they most likely learned how to make bombs.

The same tool used to capture these terrorists is responsible for their recruitment and training. The anonymity of the Internet makes it a useful resource to reach out to disillusioned young people in America. It could signal a new wave of terrorist recruiting.

It also allows us all opportunity to join the fight against terror. Nobody wants to rat on a friend. But if a "friend" suddenly starts singing the praises of jihad, any action you take is for their benefit along with that of our nation. You have a responsibility to save them before it's too late.

Many of us scoffed when George Orwell's vision of 1984 didn't come to pass. In truth, he was just a few decades ahead of his time. Big Brother is watching. Except we're all Big Brother and watch out for each other across this World Wide Web.

Tip of the Week

Now that you've filed your income tax return, what do you do with all your old documents? Shred them, of course. Take them to Washington Twp. Municipal Building on Egg Harbor Road this Saturday, April 27th from 9 AM to Noon to join in the Great Shredder Event. All household paper shredded free of charge!

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"We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present." - Thomas Edison

Today in History

1635 - Boston Latin School becomes the first public school in the United States.

Flash Fact

Women were officially excluded from the Boston Marathon until 1972. Kathrine Switzer famously entered as "K.V. Switzer" in 1967 and was nearly stopped by race official Jock Semple. Switzer dodged his grabby hands and ran on to cross the finish line in 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Have a comment about something you read in GCFlash? Suggestions for future articles? Drop us an email!

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